Health Through Warmth


Care & Repair Worcestershire (CRW) work with Foundations Independent Living Trust (FILT) and the local Councils of Worcestershire to offer financial assistance for homeowners who need help with the cost of insulation or heating repairs/installations.  The hardship fund is for CRW clients who meet the scheme’s eligibility criteria under the Health Through Warmth (HTW) programme

Types of measures funded:

  • Heating installations (if broken) or repairs
  • Boiler repair/replacement (if beyond repair)
  • Loft &  cavity wall insulation


Clients must meet all the eligibility criteria to qualify:

  • Have a long term illness
  • Be a homeowner
  • Have a low household income with little or no savings and unable to fully fund the measures themselves
  • Not be eligible for ECO measures

 Applications can be made by contacting us on 01684 579456 for more information