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“Enabling older, disabled homeowners and tenants in Worcestershire to live in homes that are warm, safe, secure and adapted to their needs”

Care and Repair Worcestershire is a home improvement agency working locally in Worcestershire.  Home improvement agencies operate in most local authority areas in England and Wales.  In Worcestershire Care & Repair cover the whole county, our office is in Droitwich which staff use as a base to visit all areas within the 6 District Council boundaries.  Prior to 2010, there were two agencies, one for the north of the county, based in Redditch and one for the south based in Wychavon.  These have been brought together to form the one, countywide service.  If you want to find out more about home improvement agencies follow this link to the Foundations Website:

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Care & Repair Worcestershire is an not for profit organisation registered with the Industrial & Provident Society.  Our aim is to help people improve or adapt their homes so they are warm, safe, secure and to help our customers to live at home, independently as long as possible.

Some of our services are free and some will involve a charge.  We will always let you know of any costs in advance and you can always decide not to have the work done.

We can help you by providing you with the information of trusted contractors who charge a fair price.  We have a Trusted Contractors list that we can make available to customers who would like to organise the work themselves.

We can also arrange the work for you, which may involve a fee – usually capped at 10% of the cost of works.  This cost applies when we design the project, go out to tender and manage the contractors to deliver the project on your behalf.

There are different sources of funding to pay for home improvement work.  Our experienced staff can advise you about government grants, benefits to pay for the work, or tell you about other organisations that my be able to help.


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